On a Lean Diet – Dos and Don’ts

On a Lean Diet – Dos and Don’ts

The main purpose of any diet plan is to create a caloric deficit.  Caloric deficit is defined as the amount of calories intake minus the calories spent in activity.  This pushes the body to use the stored fats to fuel energy.  The idea is to maintain 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day at the same timings in order to regulate and improve metabolism.  The body knows when the next meal is coming up, this will help in regulating and focusing on the activity in hand, instead of worrying about the next meal.Anyone expecting to lose weight in a defined plan would make sure there is calorie deficit on a daily basis. Steroids are known for inhibiting catabolic processes.

Carbohydrates:  These are the unsung heroes of the diet plan.  Most dieters want to avoid them, but these are the power houses and keep us going through the rough and tough of the day.  Available aplenty in quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal and vegetables.

The best time to eat carbs is around training times, before and after workouts.  One should avoid eating them in the evening as these will not be utilized and end up being fats.

On a Lean Diet – Dos and Don’ts

Proteins: Muscle is made up of protein.  Including protein in the diet is utmost important for a lean look.  Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians can equally benefit from proteins as they are available in chicken, fish, legumes and nuts.  Soy has maximum protein in the vegetarian group, direct and indirect inclusion of soy does a great deal of good to the body.  Feeding on protein will help maintain the energy levels and enduring stamina.  Muscles protect bones and so the strength of muscles is immense to the body.

Fats: Though this sounds as a F-word, the reality is our body needs fats. A diet plan without the fat requirement will not much help.  Fats maintain immune system, cholesterol and regulate insulin levels.

Foods to avoid: Dieters have to avoid processed food, frozen foods, refined sugars and their fancy substitutes, condiment garnished foods, baked goods, salty foods, sports drinks etc.

Liquids:Every dieter needs to understand the significance of having plenty of water through out the day, not just while on diet plan but in general.  Water is the gift which drives off toxins and brings peace to physical and non-physical being as a whole.

Cycle:  The best of dieters knows what they want and how they want to implement.  No mission is impossible and patience and consistency is the key to every battle.  Following a cycle to include food, workout, supplements and rest are the mantra for a lean mean and awesome look.  Missing any of these will wreck the entire game.  A lot of dieters benefit from the use of supplements, key is to find the right one which works and have a justified cycle to implement.  An ideal cycle is 12 weeks, but this depends on the acceptance of the body and consistency.

Conclusion:  Anything worthwhile will not be achieved without effort.  Effort in terms of mindset, time, patience and training.  Dieting is a big game of planning ahead and implementing the plan.  Having said that, life comes in between plansis ready to make the best out of the situations which reveal themselves, fretting never helped mankind.