What is SLimGenesis Garcinia?

To start with, SLimGenesis Garcinia is a weight-loss supplement developed to enhance power, increase metabolic process, subdue hunger and stop weight gain. It consists of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) and Cambogia Extract, but there is no reference to how much are in each offering, other components, or how you can take them.

The business behind the supplement is an also bigger secret. SLimGenesis is registered from Saint Petersburg, Florida according to the BBB, but we couldn’t find other business information– besides a contact number. You could purchase this item on the company’s site (if you can call it that). It’s even more of a full-page promotion with no info.

Info about SLimGenesis Garcinia Lack Thereof

The initial trouble with SLimGenesis Garcinia weight-loss supplement was with the lack of details. “We definitely aren’t the only ones observing this pattern. When a company provides a miracle weight-loss supplement without offering details regarding it, that’s a significant red flag,” claims our Research Editor.

One blog said, “Since it shows up that the website for Oatro Garcinia Cambogia provides limited information currently, the only means for you to get thorough answers to your inquiries is by talking to the client service group.” An additional client commented, “No information on what is in the supplement, or perhaps just how much is included per pill.” We wish we had favorable comments to show you. However, SLimGenesis Garcinia consumer testimonials are non-existent.

One consumer said, “I bought the product from the business according to a safe test offer. They did not clearly divulge in the directions that I would certainly be subject to pay a high price for the product if I really did not cancel within 14 days. I did not receive the item for at the very least five days after order, and they charged my credit card 14 days after the original order was taken.

I contacted us to complain, and they will not make any type of improvements.” One more disgruntled customer wrote, “Terrible experience. I sent out a letter to the business.” Years of the study reveal that small problem can spoil your opportunities genuine, measurable results. It’s worrying if SLimGenesis Garcinia doesn’t provide potential consumers the info they need. The second problem we discovered with SLimGenesis Garcinia was customer service.